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Tiya Lucy, born during the wartime, is the youngest of the brood of 9 and the most travelled one. She is ever energetic, adventurous, determined to do new things even at her age now and there is no stopping her once she commits to do something.  She learned early in life to be independent, started studying high school in the city, about 25 kilometers from her hometown Mainit Naga  and stayed with older sisters. She considered Tiya Modi or Manang Modi to her, as a second mother being the eldest of her siblings and with over 20 years age difference. Joggling from doing errands for the older sisters, babysitting her nephews & nieces and studying was quite a struggle for this young girl back then.  Despite these many challenges she had an unwavering dream to do better in life.

She graduated in BS in Banking & Finance and worked for the government as civilian employee of the Philippine Constabulary (PC) - Visayas Region, until she retired in the early 2007. At work, she met then Staff Sergeant Ismael Jorda and got married in 1972. Tiyo Mike, now retired Col. Ismael Jorda, retired
1997,  bounces back and forth on their two (2) residences in Ilo-ilo and Palompon, Leyte.

Tiya Lucy has always been very accommodating to friends and family and that makes her popular among us. She has a FaceBook account where she chats, send messages and updates herself with the going-ons of her nephews & nieces, friends and her own family.

As of writing June 12, 2011, she is in the USA visiting family and friends; her having a green card allows her to go in and out of the US conveniently. Tiya Lucy’s children are Irene, Lorelei and Ian. Irene is in Canada, Lorelie is the USA and Ian currently is in Ilo-ilo. All three finished their professional degrees and live their own independent lives.

1.   Irene married to Gary "Bigboy" Uy. She recently graduated BS in Nursing
      in Ilo-ilo. It is her second professional diploma. She is now back in Canada.

2.   Lorelie "Lorlor" married to Joseph "Joe" Yost, daughter Isabella Ann
      "Issy". Lorlor is also a nurse (RN)  and now living in Florida, USA.

3.  Ian is in Ilo-ilo and currently teaching in a local college.

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