Casimira & Elpidio Pavo
Pavo Family
Casimira Heredian Pavo (Tiya Mering ), 7th offspring was a deeply religious person as I remember her. She operated a diner (carenderia) wherever she lived and was a good cook.

Sometime in the mid 50's she met and married Elpidio Garela Pavo (Tiyo Dodoy) , a World War 2 veteran. They had 6 children, most of them have their own growing families now.

Tiya Mering passed away peaceful at the age of 75 in 2009.

Family highlights:
1. Elmer Herediano Pavo (Ondo)        
     Married to Josiphene Josephine Navales Pavo
    Children: Jomer Bensen,Sheena Marie,Joel Benson & Ella May

2.  Lucrecia Herediano Pavo Bungard (Inday,Inday Lokring)
     Married to Rodger Bungard Milton,NZ
     Children: Phillip Bungard (Nino,PJ,Phil,Gang)
     Russell Bungard September10,1990
     Son: Eli Mace Bungard  Mum: Jordan Bone
     Rodney Bungard

3. Julieto Herediano Pavo (Judy,Jude)
     Married to Edna Samson Pavo
     Children: Kresthel Ann, Meradinah,Enah Jane,
     Jude (Apo),Juleanna Mhae

4.   Fatima Herediano Pavo (Thelma)
      Son: Ralph (RR)

5.  Bavianne Herediano Pavo (Bobby)

6.  Raulo Herdiano Pavo ( Rolly)
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pavo (4)
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