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Tiya Modi was truly the leader of the pack. Not just because she was the oldest child but also because she was fearless, smart and was able to establish herself to be a firm foundation of the family. She had a big influence over her younger sisters and encouraged them to come to the city, get educated so they can have brighter future than stay in Naga, which  that time was a remote mountainous area. After the war, sometime in the late 1940s and only in her 20s, she opened up her own business, a dress shop. This was later called Modingís Gowns which became one of Cebu finest place to go for wedding gowns and party dresses. She was called Nang Moding by most of her customers. She operated this business for over 30 years until she retired and handed it over to her trusted employees. She also served as a Barangay councilor (a community leader), never lost an election and always earned as the top elected councilor, also for over 30 continuous years until retirement.

Sometime in the 1950s, she met Tiyo Nacio, a quiet young man from Ilocos.and  married in 1954, had 3 children namely Marian, Walter and Gina. Tiyo Nacio had a stable job with an electric company called Veco while Tiya Modi had her businesses. Before their marriage Tiya Modi had a child named Zeny. He got sick and passed away leaving his wife, Linda, and 5 children: Renato, Lucila, Ophelia, Romeo, and Wen Wen. Tiya Modiís family also included these grandchildren, which she supported and helped raised. Already having her own big family and yet she was always there for her siblings to help them one way or the other. These were her challenges and very often chatted with Mama Salud about their families, health and business affairs. Tiya Modi and Mama Salud were very close to each other, and it is safe to say that there were no secrets between the two sisters. Before the era of texting and twitting, the two had their ways of keeping up with the latest happenings in each otherís lives which went on until Mama Salud passed away in 1993. Tiya Modi, a diabetic fought the disease hard for almost half her life. She lived a long fulfilled life and passed away at 85 in 2006. Tiyo Nacio passed away 4 years after.

As it is said you will know the value of person by the fruits that one bears, such that no good tree bears bad fruit and no bad tree bears good fruit. Tiya Modi and Tiyo Nacio produced 3 successful professionals in their own fields. Tiya Modi was indeed a good tree judging from the fruits she bore and many lives she touched.

Family highlights:

Marian, has BS degree in Commerce, a government employee. She and her husband Alex are living in Cebu City.

Walter has his BS in Engineering and is Philippine Mechanical Engineer. Now living in the USA, is working in a hardware company. His daughter Kyra, is a nurse working in a medical center in Texas and graduated magna cum laude from University of San Carlos, Cebu City, Philippines.

Also in the USA is Gina who works as a nurse in a neonatal intensive care unit and is married to Dodong Dictado, an airline employee. They have traveled many places in the world in countries such as Italy, Australia, China, Greece, and Spain.

They have 3 kids: Jamille, Jermaine, and Jerrick. Jamille graduated top 20 in her class out of 700 students and is now studying Biology and Chemistry with aspirations to become a physical therapist.

Jermaine graduated valedictorian out of 700 students and is now studying Biology and Psychology in one of the most prestigious universities in the country with goals to become a doctor.

Jerrick is continuing onto 8th grade and is also the top of his class.

God willing they will attain their goals one day.

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First row:  Jermaine, Jamille, Tiya Modi, Tiyo Nacio, Kyra, Marian
Standing: Dodong Dictado, Gina, Nene & Walter
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